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    MET BALL 2012. 

    I hope your computer can handle the amount of swagger in this photo. 

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    Yesterday there was some big news in the world of physics - scientists detected evidence of “cosmic inflation” - the first exciting moments of the Big Bang. 

    Cosmic inflation was first described by Andrei Linde and his colleagues in 1983. The new evidence — called the “Holy Grail” and “missing link” of cosmology” —vindicates Linde’s work. Stanford University shared this video of Linde hearing the news:

    Chao-Lin Kuo, one of the physicists behind the new discovery, surprised Linde at his home.

    "Renata [Linde’s wife] tells me, ‘It’s probably a delivery - did you order anything?’" Linde said. "Yeah — I ordered it 30 years ago and it finally arrived."

    Humans being awesome

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  10. oh tim.